Newsflash: Buyers remorse, paying too much. Please help.

Public listing described house as being updated with new flooring. It did appear so. I knew the seller bought it 3 years ago for $79,500. Fast forward 3 years later, he lists it as “updated” for $98,500 and I sign contract to buy for $93K.This whole time, I thought it was the current seller who did all the updates. So I didn’t give the $14K jump (over what he paid 3 years ago) much thought. Then, I stumble upon pictures of a 2014 listing from a different owner, AND THE HOME IS VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL. All this current seller appears to have done was a crappy roof job that needs correction.So now the question is whether a crappy roof job and 3 years of minor appreciation is really worth the $14K more I’m paying.FUCK this sucks. Please tell me bank appraisals are relatively accurate? It may be my last chance to walk away, or at least get reassurance that I’m not getting totally hosed!!!FUCK what should I do?



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