Newsflash: Bank owns house. House sitting vacant for 5 years.

Hello,One of my wife’s friends’ parents foreclosed on their home in 2012 and the GIS claims that it now belongs to Bank of America. The house has sat empty ever since. There has never been a for sale sign or anything.(Wife’s grandparents live 2 houses down.) There have been many people including myself that are extremely interested in this property given it has 4 acres and a small pond in the country.There is no BOA around here to my knowledge.Who would I even begin to talk to about the property? Will a BOA agent be able to or even care to help me?When I asked my mortgage lender, he told me this property is probably sitting on the back of someone’s desk that no one cares about and will probably sit vacant forever.. Is this really a true possibility?I would understand maybe a house in a very big city that is falling apart but this property is in a market where people want 1+ acre and ARE willing to pay a pretty penny to get it. It just doesn’t make sense to me.Please give me some guidance on how to approach this, as I would love to purchase this parcel.



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