Newsflash: Advice on career in real estate brokerage or development

I’m in my young 20s and am in Kansas, and I’ve got an offer from multiple major brokers in the real estate market. They’ve been having me talk with many of the major players around the area, and soon I’ll be talking with an immensely successful developer who’s built an incredible legacy here. He started out as a broker at one of the offices I’m talking to.So that brings me to this question, because I’ve never actually thought about development. What is the real estate development field like? What are the pros/cons of it? I’ve heard that many brokers tend to migrate into development or full time investing, and am curious why.I am ambitious and am looking to be heavily involved in investing (ie planning on investing about 80% of my income). I’m rubbing shoulders with some of the top dogs in the area, and I’d like to take full advantage of this opportunity. Knowing that I have an in with both a developer and a broker, what would be the best route for me?



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