Newsflash: Seller didn’t disclose mice problem

Just moved into a townhouse I closed about one month ago in New Jersey. A baby mouse fell from ceiling vent one night and totally freaked me out. I had pest control come over and he said the attic has mice dropping and the baby must fall accidentally from there. The seller put a no on the seller disclosure that he’s not aware of any mice infestation. This is very frustrating since home inspector does not seem to be responsible for pest issue (except for termites). Also, the attic seems to be left without care by previous owner and it has few spots that allow mice come in and build a nest. I am planning on talking with my real estate attorney tomorrow. I am very stressed and feared living in this property. The cost of attic restoration after mice is high and I want to hold the seller responsible for his failure to disclose and did nothing to prevent mice. Anyone has a thought on this?



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