Newsflash: [San Francisco] Just discovered previous owner didn’t close out renovation permit (x-post from /r/homeowners)

TL;DR: Bought a condo. Seller did last minute renovations with a permit. I just found out the permit was never completed (i.e., inspector never looked at it). What do?SF condo owner in a 2-unit building here.I bought my condo in the summer of 2015. Before selling the previous owner did some last minute permitted renovations — re-tiling kitchen and re-tiling and plumbing two bathrooms, replacing recessed lights (just the lights themselves, not the cans).I have a physical copy of the permit which the previous owner left behind. I assumed everything was on the up and up, but today on a whim I checked the permit history online and I discovered two things:An anonymous complaint was filed (i’m guessing from the downstairs neighbor, who also sold his unit shortly afterwards), because the former owner of my unit started doing the work without getting a permit. The contractor (who is apparently also the listing agent) then agreed to get a permit in the next few days, which obviously he did.The last activity shown for the permit is from the day before I signed. The description says “FINAL INSPECT/APPRVD” and it says “NO ENTRY/NO PROGRESS”.So I’m guessing this means the city inspector showed up and couldn’t get in, hence the permit was never completed??Obviously I am kicking myself for not checking on this before, but I guess I’ll just add it to the list of lessons learned by a first time homeowner. :/I am aware of some minor issues with the bathroom renovations, most of which came up during my general inspection. The faucet in one bathroom leaks into the vanity cabinet if water gets around the sides of the faucet, and the hot water hose from the wall to the faucet is clogged or broken. There were some other areas that were not properly caulked, most of which I had taken care of by a handyman.So I have a couple thoughts. The city hasn’t harassed me at all about the permit still being open. On the one hand, I think it will probably look bad when I go to sell that this permit was never completed, so I’m inclined to call the city inspector and get it over with. But if they found a problem, would I be fined? Also, I plan to redo both bathrooms eventually anyway… Would it be better to just wait until I do that to deal with the permitting issue?Lastly, do I have any recourse against the seller or listing agent for not completing the permit? I’m guessing no, but I figure it’s worth asking.Thanks!



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