Newsflash: First time home buyer – First ever offer! (NJ)

Found a home I love in a town in Ocean County, NJ. Asking price is $265K. My offer is $260K with $1K initial deposit plus another $25K if they accept. I’m all pre-approved for a conventional loan, 20% down, etc. Comps in the area ranged between $245K to $266K. Redfin and Zillow has their estimates at $260K.I’m apparently competing with one or two other offers. One offer is contingent on the buyer selling their existing house which my agent thinks we can ignore as real competition. So hopefully it’s just me vs the other. I currently live with my mom so I’m extremely flexible on a close date and can move at the pace of the seller which my agent expressed.Offer was submitted earlier today. Still waiting for my guy to hear back from the seller agent. Nerves are getting to me 🙂 no clue what to expect or if I’ll have a shot at a second chance to make an offer if there’s one out bidding me heh.Anyone else go through this!? What do you think my chances are haha.



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