Newsflash: Considering a career as a real estate agent in Texas

First off a little about me. I’m a little bit older and in need of a good, solid career. Being a real estate agent looks promising as it’s a career I could feel good about and accomplished in and, like many people my age have either already learned or are coming to learn, college is not the end all, be all. The field of study I was deeply interested in is still something I’m passionate about, but I also would have had to pursue post-grad education, with few career possibilities, and in all likelihood I would have ended up tens, if not over a hundred, thousands of dollars in debt with student loans. I don’t want that, so I am pursuing other options.With that out of the way, what I wanted to ask are kind of general questions but also some detailed ones:What are the most difficult aspects of a career in this profession and why?What are the most rewarding aspects of it and why?Are there any particular kinds of people who are unlikely to succeed in a career as a real estate agent? Why?Are there any particular kinds of people better suited for it? Why?What is an average day like for those who work in this profession?Are there certain things that get dull or just ordinary, like showing certain types of houses, or certain types of clients?Are there certain unusual things you encounter every now and then with clients?What is the most unusual or strangest experience you’ve had in this profession?How do you help clients find houses they are happy with? What kinds of questions do you usually ask them to help narrow down prospective homes?What are the most difficult kinds of houses to sell?What are the most difficult kinds of clients to sell to?Thank you for your time and if you have anything else to add that maybe I should know, feel free to do so!



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