Newsflash: Recent comp might have just screwed me big time!!

I’m about to start the process of selling my 1/1 condo. I’ve been watching the market for awhile now and made the decision to finally pull the trigger.3 weeks ago a similar property in my complex with the exact same layout sold for 275k. I was excited! Since I had a little more to offer ( corner unit and an extra parking space) I decided to list it at 280k.Yesterday, I saw the heartbreaking news on my phone that a 2/2 condo with an extra 350sq ft in this very same complex sold for 280k, the exact same price I’m trying list it at. They’ve been contingent for months now and yesterday they finally closed. We’re planning on putting it on the market next week and I have yet to tell my agent because I don’t want to distract him or have to renegotiate the selling price.So my question is.. With this recent comp how likely is it for me to get my asking price?



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