Newsflash: What to look out for when buying a century home?(CA)

My wife and I are looking at a two-story single-family character home. We live in the southern prairies in Canada, so we experience a cold climate 7/12 months of the year. Built in 1912, judging by some of the other buildings in the neighbourhood it was built in one of the more wealthy areas of town at the time. The walls are plaster and the basement/foundation is stone and mortar. The siding, shingles, furnace, water heater, water softener have all been updated in the last ten years, and the electrical has been redone sometime in the last twenty years. All of the appliances are fairly new. It has had four owners in the 102 years since it was built. Before we start getting excited and making offers, I’m wondering if any of the experts here have experience in selling this kind of home, and if they know any red flags or general things to watch for when buying a house this old. Thanks for your time!



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