Newsflash: How do I proceed with uncompromising buyer’s agent?

We are selling our home by owner. There is a contract in place, stating the transfer of title will occur at closing, on X date. The entire process was rushed, and documents signed via Docusign over a cell phone while I was out of town. Long story short, we are requesting a couple days of wiggle room to move out, due to circumstances with a new build and having to move twice already. The buyer’s agent is saying the buyer are having a major life event and cannot change the move date, assuming it would be the same as closing date I guess, even though it was never communicated. The buyer’s agent is also asking a “favor” that the buyer’s out of town relatives be able to view the home before the closing occurs, since they are elderly and won’t be in town again anytime soon. We initially agreed to accommodate, saying we hoped that by allowing the visit in good faith, they would reciprocate with wiggle room when moving in. It doesn’t seem like they are. Should I disallow the relative’s visit if they don’t budge on the move in date? We believe the problem is with the agent, not the actual buyers. Do you ever go around the agent to speak to buyers directly?



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