Newsflash: Home Warranty question

So, I have lived in this property for about 10 years. The heating/air conditioning system is something like 25 years old. I am probably selling the property in the next year to two years. My biggest fear is that the heating system would finally kick the bucket and I’d have to spend $6-$8k on a new system.So I signed up for a home warranty, which seems like it should cover it.Here’s the thing. Warranty went into effect last week, after a 30 day waiting period. And this weekend has been really hot, and the air conditioning is totally not working.Obviously, I’d like to submit a claim, but I am super worried they are going say that for some reason, I cannot claim this because it’s so close to the effective date / must be a preexisting condition etc.I’ve long known it was approaching its last legs, but it just kept on ticking. Hence why I bought the warranty.Any ideas about whether I should be able to submit this claim or not?



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