Newsflash: Reviewing Sellers disclosure in Philadelphia Suburb

Hey all I was wondering if I could get some second opinions while reviewing a sellers discloser. For me I have some concerns but I am not quite sure how common these things are. I am a first time home buyer and rookie when it comes to being handy. I also understand global warming and what it means for the future. I anticipate stronger storms such as hurricanes and “rain bombs”.Type of house: twin colonial (maybe some of these issues come from neighbors)So firstly, this house has an unknown roof install that has leaked in the past. Their fix was to secure the gutter to fascia outside the bathroom window, seal exposed nail heads on roof and install neoprene slip over pipe casket to stack pipe. So most likely I am assuming I am going to need a new roof.In 2012 they installed a french drain and sump pump. I am guessing that was caused by Hurricane Sandy.In 2016 they installed vapor barrier and repaired wall and fixed a gutter.I am not quite sure what a vapor barrier is. I am assuming some other water damage occurred? The basement wasn’t obviously damp, but it did have somewhat of a damp smell to has 100 amp with electric heating in the bathrooms and natural gas everywhere else.They added a second bathroom in the basement with a vent but did not get permits.



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