Newsflash: First-time investor, four options, advice?

Background: I live and work abroad with long-term plans of becoming self-employed/starting an online business. Before I do that, as a security measure, I’d like to own a place where I could flee to if the whole plan goes horribly wrong. Rental income is also nice, but I would most likely pay for property management because I won’t be around for long stretches of the year. As such, I’m looking for a modest investment property and hope to make a purchase this summer. I’m shopping in places in rural/suburban Midwest where I know the towns and city nearby quite well.After looking around extensively, my choices have been narrowed to:a) A mixed use property on Main street in a rural vacation town. Commercial on the ground floor and 3br/2ba upstairs. Both currently rented. $500 a month x 2=$1k. Brick building built in 1900. 90kb) A riverside duplex in the same rural “vacation” town. 2 2-story side-by-side 2br/1.5ba units. Brick and wood built in 1965. 1 Unit rented. $500 a month with the possibility of renting the other for an additional $500 a month. 90kc) A suburban duplex 10 minutes by car to commuter trains running into the big city nearby. 2 2-story 3br/1ba side-by side units. Neither rented as of now. Wood house from 1900. Street power lines running 20 feet away from the front doors. 105k.d) Just buy a condo in the city near a university and transportation. Tiny 1 bed or studio with around $300 HOA fees. 110k. There are about 5 places on the market right now that fit my criteria.I’m going to view all of these starting next week, and I realize that, once I’m actually viewing the properties, there will be things that factor certain choices out. But, assuming theoretically that they are all in an equal state of repair/disrepair and taxes quite similar, which do you think is the most promising or best fit for my circumstances?I’m getting a ton of advice from colleagues, family, and friends, but I just thought I’d float it out here as well to see what other perspectives people might offer.I personally am leaning towards a).



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