Newsflash: Are FHA loans as bad news as they seem for sellers?

Had a sale fall through, so we’re back on the market. Have had a few offers come in, mostly FHA offers. Our previous contract was with a conventional loan, but the buyer put little down in terms of earnest money and seemed to be trying to nickle and dime his way until his lender rejected him. So, we’re definitely now wary of buyers who put little down and demand closing costs. Another concern is that the FHA appraisal will not come in high enough. For example, our original contract was an offer above list (~240k), it appraised at just that amount. One offer we have goes above list (as a cushion to allow for us to pay closing costs), probably about 6-7k above what the house appraised for two months ago. The word seems to be that FHA appraisals have more of a tendency to fall short. Should we even be considering FHA loans at this point?



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