Newsflash: Agent Seller lied on disclosure, anything we can do?

Closed on our first home about 3 weeks ago. It was built in 1978 and we knew it needed some work but it was definitely livable.Last week we did our first load of laundry and the laundry floor drain backed up. We had someone come out to unclog who said the drain was “full of” roots about 35 feet out. We paid another company to come hydrojet this morning.There is an exterior access pipe to the main drain line just outside the home so we know work was done. We’ve been told it was very likely for the root problem in the past, not very long ago. Seller disclosures say no known problems in the last 10 years (time of ownership).I’m guessing we are SOL, but we are peeved because this guy is a realtor and we expected higher standards out of him since his license is on the line. He broke a pipe trying to replace a shower faucet which he was contractually obligated to fix, and lied about it. There’s a lot of other crap too that we don’t care as much about.I’m guessing my only recourse is to leave shitty (but truthful) reviews of him all over the internet? I live in Phoenix so the odds of finding a company who’s done work here before is slim.



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