Newsflash: Negotiate or relist? Buyer wants me to pay for a new roof and other stuff.

selling my house and the 2 major things that popped up in the inspection were the roof and a A question on whether the main support beam in the basement had proper footing. Buyer wants estimates on the cost to replace roof and fix main support beam, and then wants that price deducted from their offer.They also had a bunch of little things for me like fixing a leaky faucet, fixing a corroded heat duct, getting screens for a couple windows that had none…Anyway, if I abide to their requests, I’ll probably be taking about 8-10k off the price of a house that I listed for only 95k which was pretty competitive in my market. I knew the roof wasnt in super condition but I didn’t list it as a defect because it wasn’t leaking. There are some shingles that are popping off. Most roofers who look at it say that it wasn’t properly installed and just want to redo it.My realtor says I should just take the money off since these issues are defective. Had I replaced the roof earlier, I would have charged more money for the house. Would it be “normal” to ask the buyer to share part of the cost of the roof? Perhaps I pay 60% and they pay 40% or something? Or is my realtor right and should I just bite the bullet and pay for off he whole thing.They aren’t asking me to fix it, they just want money off the purchase price. Originally they gave a full price offer.



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