Newsflash: Bought a house (as well as several of my neighbors) with no disclosure or knowledge that it was part of an HOA. 4 years later the HOA is trying to start up/restart.

We bought a house and the there were no disclosures or records of an HOA. I would guess that probably every one of our neighbors who wasn’t an original buyer did as well. Even my next door neighbor how bought his house 15 years ago received no notice of an HOA an thought it wasn’t part of an HOA.After much research and talking to neighbors I have found that our community which was built in the early 80s was a planned community at that time. Each of the initial buyers had to pay in $1000 which went to the HOA. Shortly after supposedly the community decided to stop “HOAing” and the HOA has been refereed to as “inactive”. There were no fees paid other than the initial money that I’ve heard of.Now, years later some of the residents want to get the HOA going again. I’ve found out that part of the community has a drainage easement and a utility easement. This property is considered free space owned by the HOA. Someone has apparently been paying the taxes on this land from some bank account that still has HOA money in it.So the kicker, when I look up the community in public records online (the County website states that records of deeds are ONLY available online) I find a one page document with the plots and a layout of our community. This document however, states that it is page 1 of 6. The other 5 pages are not available (I’ve called). Now, I call the county and even though those documents are “ONLY” available online I am told I have to come down and get the rest in person, which I’m sure will outline the framework of this secret HOA.So basically, I’m pretty sure my neighbors, several Realtors and I have been more or less tricked into joining an HOA by buying properties that reside in one.My question is since so many of us bought properties under the impression that there was no HOA do we have any options to regain our “damages” for buying (in my opinion) a dud property because it is in an HOA. I am confident we wouldn’t get the 80% vote needed to dissolve the HOA.



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