Newsflash: First time buyer, inspections are going too well?

I’m in the process of buying my first house. It was built in the early 50s and has had almost nothing done to it. I went with inspectors with no interest in the sale of the property. I was fully ready to be laughed at by everyone at what an idiot I was in what I saw in this house. I liked that it seemed well maintained without looking like it’s been rebuilt for the times every 10 years. I work in the automotive repair industry and feel that every time a mechanic gets their hands on something they make it a little weaker so I think I’ve taken that with me when looking at houses.Anyways, I guess to my disappointment nobody has told me anything too terrible. The inspector was surprised by how sturdy the fireplace was and was describing normal chimneys in somewhat of disbelief. When he came out from under the house he said the foundation was amazing and completely dry which he’s never really seen. He said they don’t even make foundations this way anymore because it’s a waste of concrete and if he had to put a number on it, it would be in the top 2% of foundations he’s inspected.My father in law who works in home construction also did a walk through and was impressed by the house. The only thing he found that he didn’t like is that the windows were replaced at some point and he said they put too much caulking on it and it was cracking.So then I knew the big bad news was going to come from the termite inspector. He too almost sounds like he’s in disbelief. He says that there’s no termites at all and that in southern California that’s unheard of. There’s always some evidence of termites but he couldn’t find any.This is not to say that nothing negative came up, just nothing too serious.I think all this good news worries me because sometimes I do pre-inspections on used cars. I’m very good at finding things independent dealers are trying to hide. Sometimes there’s a high mileage car that is just too clean and it gives me pause and causes me to look deeper, like they’re trying to hide something. Does the translate to real estate in any way? The owner passed away in the house from natural causes so it’s not like they were hiding anything. Should I just be happy with the good news? Please help me make sense of all this so my brain can shut off at night, thanks.



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