Newsflash: Would it be possible to get 10% off on a house by paying in cash?

Of course anything is possible but do you think it be conceivable for me to get 10% off of the purchase price on a house by paying in cash (200K or below)? Also, how common is it to buy a house without looking at it? Horrible idea? I reckon that there’s less than a 20% chance any of these houses will accept my offer (or do you think there’s even less than a 20% chance?) and don’t know if I have enough free time to look at tons of houses. I was pretty much just thinking of finding a house I liked on some housing websites then calling up and putting in an offer. I know virtually nothing about buying houses though. Is that kind of thing even possible? Or is it just such a bad idea that no one does that? And would such a thing be classified as going through a realtor? Since I’m paying in cash, I don’t even think it’d be necessary to go through a realtor – and not going through one might save me money – I just don’t know how to not go through a realtor or even what is and what isn’t classified as going through one. Like I said, I know pretty much nothing about buying houses so I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks.



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