Newsflash: Just closed on a new house, first time using the bath the entire living room ceiling, walls, and basement stairs have flooding and water damage.

Hey Reddit. You guys are always my go to for information. I have an extensive write up on the situation, but it would be a HUGE wall of text. I just want to know what legal recourse I might have, here. Or even, what you guys might do in my shoes. I closed for a townhouse on the first Friday of June (2nd), moved in Saturday (10th) into the night, and had a bath (no shower curtains yet) for the first time early this Sunday (11th) morning around 2 AM in the master bathroom on the second floor. Within 20 minutes after the bath, I went into the living room and saw the ceiling in the living room was leaking just above the stairway that led to the basement, and ‘bubbles’ were swelling in the living room ceiling. Before going to bed I felt that the carpet was wet where there were no obvious signs of dripping from above. When I traced the damp carpets to the basement, I could see signs of leakage there, too. (Beneath and behind the stairs in a storage unit)I filed a claim with insurance before I went to bed. The next day I did as much damage control as I possibly could. Wet vaccing the carpet and running a dehumidifier 24/7.I had the home inspection before closing (twice, actually) and they essentially ran the water in the bathroom, flushed the toilets, etc. But they never plugged the bath and drained it from full. I don’t understand what specifically caused this leakage, because there didn’t seem to be any sign that this leakage would occur otherwise. I’m in the process of trying to remediate damages at the moment. Water mediation coming now, plumber coming tomorrow morning. Only after the plumber comes will the insurance company send an appraiser and contractor.I believe this was a preexisting condition that was hidden from me. In the home inspection, a large dry wall patch was noted by the inspector. On their advice, my realtor and I followed up with the seller. They had said that a shower cartridge had caused a drip / leak and they removed the drywall before fixing the cartridge and repairing. Leading me to believe they had fixed any plumbing issues from the master bathroom.I’m not entirely sure how I want to proceed. Either follow through with all the repairs (they WILL have to take out huge chunks of the dry wall for the house. There’s just too much damage and they’ll need access to the pipes again) and water / mold remediation. Or, is it better to try to cut ties all together and take legal action against the seller for fraud? If that’s even a claim or case I can make. I thought those, here, experienced on Reddit might have a better idea than myself. I’m also not even sure if this is the proper subreddit or if I should look into r/legal. But again, I’m not sure I’m taking legal action or even have a leg to stand on. What would you guys do? Thank you in advance. I’m usually really good at replies, quickly, but as you can imagine I have a lot on my plate right now. And am currently waiting for the water restoration specialist.Edit: Some typos. And date correction. Additional detail / clarification: Upon the first home inspection, the inspector noted that the bathtub was draining quite slowly. It was listed on my list of necessary repairs. The home inspector’s second visit was to check that they serviced the HVAC as well as some electrical issues. I do not know if the inspector checked the bathroom again, I will inquire in just a moment. I believe that the water leakage is from the drainage system because when I collected water from the first active and open leak in a Tupperware container, the water appeared ‘sudsy’. I cannot say definitively until the plumber comes tomorrow and invasively does a check to confirm.



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