Newsflash: Do I owe my realtor anything for a deal that I found and did all the legwork on?

I’ll try to summarize. We’ve been looking for a house a year. We’re on our second realtor and we like him. With him, we’ve put in four offers and lost all four. Three we lost to investors putting down either all cash or large down payments and one because the seller decided she wants to wait to sell.Our market is very tight and usually it’s us that finds a listing on Zillow or before he does and we ask to see it. So he isn’t really finding us properties. (I don’t think of this as his fault. Just really low inventory here.) We also started writing to homeowners. There’s one particular person who owns several properties. My realtor told me he called her but never heard back. Out of frustration with losing out on the fourth property, I emailed her. (She rents to students so her contact info was readily available.)She called me and left me a message. I spoke to my realtor about her to come up with a strategy but really, it was just “call her and let’s look at the houses.” So I called her and we chatted about some of the properties and the price point she’s thinking about. I’m worried that she’ll not want to work with a realtor because of the commission. Or that she’ll want to raise the price because of it. I don’t really want to cut him out of the deal but again, I did all the work so far. I found the properties. I found her phone number and email. I reached out and she got back to me. Is it wrong of me to ask him to take a smaller commission?I told him “I didn’t tell her about you yet and don’t know how she’ll react” and he said “we’ll figure it out. don’t worry about it.”So, anyone have any experience with a similar situation?



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