Newsflash: Was charged $450 for appraisal on a contract we ended up terminating after inspection. Is this normal?

We were under contract for a property and ordered the appraisal through our mortgage lender. After inspection we didn’t like what we saw and canceled the purchase. I emailed the mortgage lender on May 14 informing him of the purchase termination and that the appraisal was no longer necessary. He confirmed receipt that same day. I have a charge on my credit card from May 12 from the mortage lender for $450 which should be for the appraisal charges. I asked if that is going to be refunded since our purchase terminated. He replied that he needs to check with the appraiser to see if they inspected before the cancel date–if so, he’d charge a trip fee.My questions:1) Not accusing anyone of anything, but want to confirm that this sounds normal (trip fee instead of full refund)?2) If this sounds normal, how much do you think sounds like a reasonable “trip fee”?3) Any sort of documentation I should seek from mortgage lender to confirm the appraiser did indeed conduct his inspection before our cancellation date? I’m guessing receipt/invoice from appraiser to mortgage lender and a timestamped email from when they received the invoice. Does that sound right?Thank you for any help.



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