Newsflash: [MO] Can we rent out our current house and buy another too, or do we need to sell the current one?

My husband and I started renting the home we are in sometime in 2016. The owner at that time decided to sell the house this year. They offered to sell the house to us for only $50,000. It appraised for $83,000 so we decided it made sense to buy it considering: we already rented there and also we would come out ahead by buying the house so cheap. We closed on the house on March 17, 2017.Problem is, now we are considering moving in the near future because my husband is about to graduate school and has job interviews in other towns. We would prefer to live closer to where he will work when he gets hired. It’s a nice house… kind of aesthetically outdated but in good shape for being a 1960’s brick ranch home. It has a full unfinished basement, a fireplace, half acre yard, etc. I think it would sell fine if we had to sell it, but my sister-in-law and her family really would like to rent it. Is there anyway we can make renting our current home to them work and also be able to buy another house where we would move? Or would it be better to sell it?



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