Newsflash: Advice requested: renting from property management company vs. individual

To make a long story short, I’ll probably be moving here in a couple months, and will likely be getting a studio or one bedroom apartment. Up until now, I’ve almost always lived with roommates, and I’ve always rented from an individual landlord (who in many cases has lived at the house as well). I’ve felt that it’s been a good set-up because the landlord knows me, knows I’m a good/responsible tenant, and will be more likely to keep up on maintenance and less likely to raise my rent. There’s been a good tenant/landlord relationship, if you will, because the owner is a person I can be acquainted with.My lease will be up soon, and I’m looking to finally get my own place. The part of town I’m looking in has plenty of apartments, condos, etc. However, if I get a studio or 1bdr anything, chances are it’s going to be in a larger complex owned/ran by a property management company. I feel embarrassed to admit this at my age, but I’m a little anxious about renting out a unit at a complex.Concerns/questions/thoughts rattling around in my head include:Is it worthwhile to apply online, or should I really go talk to their leasing office in person?How responsive would the complex be when it comes to maintenance?In the event I needed to break my lease (which I’ve never done before, but you never know), how difficult would it be to work with the company?What kind of things are excessive when it comes to applying for a unit in terms of information required, application fee, etc.? What should I expect?What are some other red flags I should watch out for?Any advice is appreciated.



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