Newsflash: Realtor Referral Issue

Using a throwaway account for this as my current Realtor is in my friends circle and while he does not use Reddit or know my username, some of our mutual friends do.Long story short, my wife and I are moving in about 2 months from the west coast to the DC/Northern VA area and have been actively looking for a home.We are closing on our current home here in about a week and a half and used a friend of ours to sell our property. I can’t say enough great things about our current agent. He has gone above and beyond what I ever expected. He got us a full priced offer within 3 days of being on the market and had been advising me on the market conditions and helping me get my home ready to sell ever since I knew I was being relocated (almost 5 months ago).The issue is this. As I am looking to purchase again, he kindly asked if he could help us find our next agent, which would allow him to receive a referral from our purchase. I was more than happy to let him help us out as he is a friend and I have been extremely happy with how he has handled everything on our current home sale. He is with Keller Williams and reached out to another Keller Williams agent to help us out..My wife and I flew over to DC for the first time last weekend to look at places and neighborhoods with the new agent, and we were not impressed at all. He showed up late to the first house we were meeting at, he did not have any information on any of the properties we were seeing, didn’t know much about certain areas and was texting on his phone a lot while we were viewing.. He has also only sold a couple houses recently in the price range we are looking for (about 900,000) so I am not sure if he has that much experience negotiating at that price.I would love for my friend to receive a referral and don’t want to damage any relationship I have with him, but as I am in a rush to find something I don’t want to go back to him and ask for another referral with the fear that the same thing may happen again.I am planning on looking for an agent on my own this upcoming week and would want to do a phone interview with a few that I think look good before deciding on who to use. The question is, if I find the agent myself is there any chance for my other agent to get a referral from it? or is that going to be frowned up or possibly cost me the chance of working with an agent I do end up liking?Just getting stressful as I thought we were good to go with the previous agent until we met him and now I feel rushed to do this on my own.Thanks for any replies.



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