Newsflash: Murder House

Not sure where to start…. I’ve been looking for a new place to rent since my current lease ends in 6 weeks. Houses, apartments, in-town, on the outskirts, close to work, close to family.. you name it. I viewed close to 30 properties over the past month, but one really stuck out.. “murder house”. Great deal. 3 bed/2 bath, HUGE YARD, updated and extremely clean.The house is a little further from work than I’d like to be, but for $150 more than a one bedroom apartment in the city AND having a yard for my dog, it really seems like a no brainer. Fast forward to the walk-through with the owner……. First impressions were comforting, seemed like “home”. He shows me around the house, elaborates on all the updates he has done recently (new tile in the entry, halls, and bathrooms – new paint everywhere -new carpet in the bedrooms – new fixtures – ac coils replaced) my folks went with me so I could get their opinion, of course my dad asked about all the functional stuff in the house.. mom just liked the aesthetics. Finally, we get down to business..How much? Why is it so much less than others in the area? Basically, what’s the catch??? Here’s where it gets weird… SO. He starts to shift his feet, not really make eye contact and tells us there was an altercation here with the previous tenants… then continues to fumble his words and dance around what he’s trying NOT to say… Naturaly, my mother blurts out “Well, it’s not like anyone was MURDERED here, right?” record scratch He then proceeds to explain what happened with the previous tenants. The husband was in out of the country for work, had suspicions of his wife’s infidelity.. Somehow found out, came home early.. they get into an “altercation” and he stabs her. records scratch Turns out he stabbed her multiple times with a screwdriver and a fire-poker. The husband called (9-1-1) reported the murder and waited for police. Upon arrival, they found the fire-poker embedded in her neck. He is in jail now, for life.TL;DR: would you live in a house where a murder occurred? Why or why not?



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