Newsflash: How do I tell a seller their window is busted and them not think I did it to get a better deal?

This guy is selling me a little lot with trailer on it. He let me walk it this evening. One of his windows is busted. He told me he was out there a month ago to check the place over. It’s been raining a fair amount. The window ledge looked dry and I didn’t see any visible mold when I peeked my head in. There were some big blinds so they probably blocked most of it and a sapling in the way too.But the point is if he had been out there he would have fixed that. I told him i would call him once I looked it over. How do I tell him his window is busted? Not the whole thing just a bottom section. But I’m afraid he’ll think I busted it to get a better deal. You know so I could be like “No telling how long it’s been busted.”But if I don’t tell him that’s kind of suspicious too you know. How do I go about this? I mean should I tell him and just pay what we agreed on or try and ask for the cost of the window at the least. Just scared I might buy it and there be mold. Not the end of the world. I am getting rid of trailer in a bit anyway but would like to live in it for 6 months to a year. Don’t want to pay more if it ends up being worthless. But to be fair the deal I am getting is pretty fair.Thanks.And I know you’re thinking, well maybe it broke within the month. I talked to neighbors to see how long the trailer had sat since it was so grown up. They told me the guy hadn’t been there in a long time. And they are an old couple who don’t work so they are there all day ever y day.



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