Newsflash: Have another big fat thank you /r/real estate! Decided on a price about an hour ago.

I posted asking for help buying a property not on the market. I sent the owner a letter, he got back to me on Tuesday. I offered him something and he said he wanted to check out the assessed value.He called me back tonight ready to haggle. I kind of got unlucky. Last week the assessed value said one thing then the county database went down for maintenance for five days. It came back online and this guy’s lot was assessed as worth more. About a grand more on fair cash value and a grand more on taxable value.His wife was pushing for a high amount. But I was able to get him to come up a little over 2k. (Partially to cover closing because I told him I’d pay it if he came down. Closing will be about 1k.)I own the lot across the street and his is bigger and has a traitor on it. I will be paying just a tiny bit more than I did for mine. So good deal and I will have a trailer to live in while I clean things up and get a house built. Then the trailer will go and a shop will be put in it’s place.I got his permission to walk it tomorrow evening. So I’ll call a title agency tomorrow during work and see if they can broker the deal. Then if everything looks good with the trailer I’ll call the guy ready to buy it! I really want the lot on it’s own anyway. Super nice lot. Combined with mine I own a whole private section bordered by woods.Thanks.



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