Newsflash: We should walk, right? Seller won’t allow roof inspection, we are aware of a leak last year.

Hi, all. I am back with questions on the place with the old AC units the sellers were wanting to offer “as is.” As it turns out, the AC units are probably the least of our concerns.We had our home inspection recently, and there are two big issues: condition of the roof and the building needs to be sealed for moisture (bad original workmanship, failed repairs, etc.) There are also a myriad of other, more minor issues, that aren’t even worth bringing up and we would just eat, though they will take several thousand to perform.We decided that in order to make an informed decision as to what the cost of ownership of this place would be, we need to get a roof inspector out there (as we heard wildly different quotes on replacing roof) and get an actual quote on sealing the stucco.We asked the sellers for permission to set up time for the roofer and contractor to come out to inspect. The seller said no and is offering to cover our closing costs in full satisfaction of the inspection.While we were looking for roofers, we found one who said he had been called to the property last year because there was a leak on part of the roof. They came out, roof was generally in bad shape, he wasn’t given the job.The seller did not disclose the leak on the disclosure statements. My understanding is that if they repaired it, they didn’t have to (although wow, seems like they should have to) and we have not seen any paper work showing the leak was fixed.Emotionally, I love the place and would really like to make this work. Logically, I think this is going to be a money pit that the seller is aware of and doesn’t want us to probe deeper into (especially as they would then have to reveal that to future buyers if we fall through).I’m not really sure what the middle ground is here… or if there is even one. If we had the experts look at the roof and stucco, we would have enough information to make an educated decision as to how much we are willing to pay and if we want to continue as is. Without that info…I guess I’m just looking for people’s gut reactions to the situation. Thanks much! This whole process is such a roller coaster!!



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