Newsflash: Should we look for a new agent or is it just the market?

We are looking for a home near the median price in our smaller Midwest city, where the mortgage payments would be close to what we are paying in rent (and already know we can afford). We are using an FHA instead of conventional because we spent the last three years recovering from years old mistakes and having living in a tiny tourist township where you could really only get good paying non-seasonal work if you were related to someone. We don’t have a lot saved because rent is exorbitant and we’ve been paying off debts. But we’re ready to stop throwing away almost $1K on renting and living in a mobile home (seriously the cheapest we could find).We’ve put in four offers so far on every house we find that meets our basic requirements, and every one has been rejected. The latest, we had the only offer at the deadline, he had no other offers in the morning, but then he said he had other offers asked us for another one, and then said they went with a “better package”. All that was what our agent told us. We have been offering above asking on every house as well.She’s often late, and on her phone. Which I get that we are looking at cheap houses and she has clients that are going to net her a better commission, but I’m wondering if she’s not doing her end to get the offers through, doesn’t know how to negotiate for an FHA, if it’s just the market and there’s just too much competition, or we should just give up? We wanted to do something while interest rates were low, but it just seems impossible.



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