Newsflash: [FL Keys] Would like to buy the house I’m currently renting, what can I do over the term of the lease to explore that potential?

TL;DR I’m interested in buying the house I’m renting. It’s in relatively poor shape in general, and definitely outdated inside. Owners are remote, operate through a property manager who is friend of the owners. Is there a good way to explore whether they are willing to sell, how much I could afford, and whether I can qualify to purchase it?I’m interested in buying the unit I’m currently renting. It’s not in the greatest shape, and we only got a 1-year lease so that they could remodel it. I believe that the idea is for the out-of-state owners to remodel it and move in afterwards, but that’s just my intuition. They could be looking to remodel and re-rent it for a higher rent.What are steps I can take and what can I do to explore the potential of seeing if purchasing the house is a viable path for my future? I don’t make a lot of money, but my SO and I love the house and we believe that if we could get an FHA loan for it at the price we think it’s worth in it’s current state, we could swing it. We currently have a roommate and we would definitely be looking to make them a great deal to continue living with us so we could not have such a tight budget. If we don’t do this, we’re going to have to hit the market again… it’s back to the rat race of changing rentals every 6 months and worrying about if we can afford to keep our jobs. Housing stability is our #1 issue in life at the moment.The house definitely needs a remodel, the deck is almost falling off (possibly a safety hazard that should have kept it from being rented honestly…), there seems to be a lot of work that needs to be done to the exterior. It’s all work I can do myself or with the help of family members, as long as it doesn’t keep me from getting an FHA loan.However I don’t make a ton of money. Zestimate for the house is like $450k, but comparable houses are a bit lower, and the fact that the house is severely outdated, kind of ugly, and needs a lot of work makes me think it shouldn’t sell for nearly that much (but I’m not an appraiser). Also, does a tax assessment (assessed at $330k) have any bearing on sale price in the end? As far as I can tell, the house was bought by the original owners in 1988 for like $85k and they haven’t done any remodeling or significant work except for a small dock (useless kindling at this point) and a deck (as mentioned above, should probably be torn down and replaced).Are there any “free” or “cheap” steps I can take in the house purchasing process? Is an appraisal something I can get done in order to take an offer to the homeowners? Is there a more productive way to see if the owners are interested in selling? I work through a “property manager” who is really just a friend of the owners who watches the house and does maintenance while they live several states away, but I send my rent checks directly to the owners. I obviously don’t want to burn myself before I get started by contacting them if they don’t want to be contacted, but how else can I explore it? If you are a homeowner/landlord, have you ever been approached about this?Any advice on the Florida Keys housing market in particular is VERY welcome.



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