Newsflash: Deed Restictions?

looking at buying a 15 acre parcel with some deed restrictions. 1 of the restrictions is that the seller must approve the building plans, materials used and the builder. The seller bought the land off of the developer and never built. So whom do I submit the plans to for approval? I had hoped to buy the land and then not build for at least 2 years. I do not want to buy house plans, have them modified and then turned down by whomever.Some others are no poultry, goats, cows etc. Another restriction is all campers or trailers must be inside a garage. I counted about 6 residences with trailers parked outside, several too large to fit in the garage.Another lot in the “development” with the restrictions has chickens.So it would seem most of the restrictions that bother me have been abandoned. Stupid restrictions on a 15 acre parcel of farmland, why are developers so retarded?



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