Newsflash: Trapped in an unsellable home (or potentially overreacting) [AL]

I’m attempting to sell my home of six years to move into an apartment in preparation for a cross-country move. The home has been on the market for about nine months now, and I’ve gotten very little in the way of interest, even after a price drop. At least half of the time a visit is scheduled, the visiting Realtor/prospective buyer don’t actually show up. I finally received confirmation from my own Realtor that they’re driving by the property and immediately driving off because of my neighbors.They have an impressive collection of furniture and car parts, but everything is confined to their carport. There’s also a van with several cardboarded windows, but it’s in the driveway. The yard and landscaping are kept clean. I’ve spoken to them about what’s happening, and offered to assist them with cleaning the carport and even offering to pay for window replacement in the van – they’ve been very apologetic and have denied offers of assistance out of pride I suppose, promising to correct these things themselves, but they never actually follow through.Since their junk is confined to their carport, I don’t feel like I really have a leg to stand on in terms of contacting the city. My Realtor is giving me the impression that this is a terrible problem, and is pushing for a privacy fence along the property line to the tune of ~5k, which I’m wary to do especially given that I’m already looking at having to eat nearly that much again because of the price I’m listed at.I’m curious if anyone has any alternate suggestions, or an opinion on putting up a privacy fence or just dropping the price yet again.



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