Newsflash: Thank you all so much! The owner called me back!

I posted on here asking advice on buying a piece of property not on the market. Sent the owner a letter and he called me back. I just got off the phone. I’ve made an offer and he is thinking about it. I’m pretty sure he wants to see what the county has the lot accessed at. I guess he has been holding onto it thinking the price would go up over the years.I’ve already looked at the county’s assessment. It’s valued around 24,400. Which is honestly old because we’re a no where town and the records are out of date. My lot is valued at 15k but hasn’t sold for that since the 90s.I offered him 22 and I pay the closing costs which would be about 23,000 total. He is going to talk to his wife and get back to me.He lied to me though. He said he gets out there once a year, but he doesn’t. I have the lot next to it. But he doesn’t know that so we’re both being a little dishonest. The lot right now is pretty much worth what I offered him. I mean in the shape it is in.Thanks again.



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