Newsflash: How do I alert the state that information is wrong in their assessments & taxation database? [MD]

One of my neighbors has a condo for sale, and I noticed in the real estate listing that the assessment of above ground square footage is wrong. (Our condo development only has two models, and the unit for sale is the same as mine, which is why the error jumped out at me.) The actual square footage is 1650, it’s showing 2600.I went to email the realtor to let her know, but then I realized that not only is the listing wrong, the entry is wrong in the state assessment and taxation database.Normally, I don’t suppose I’d let this bother me too much, but I’m concerned that this will show an artificially low sales price per square foot for our condo development when pulling comps, etc. That is, right now the price per square foot is $148; if corrected, it would be $233.Thoughts?



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