Newsflash: Have questions, need advice please re: my separation agreement & ex refinancing in her name, and “walking away” if refinance isn’t possible (VA)

Mortgage is solely in my name apparently (although our Settlement states we are both borrowers)Deed of Trust is in both our names (is this not the same as the Deed? I have no idea if we’re both on the Deed)We owe about $172k on the mortgage, and appraisal is about $170k.This is the last month I can contribute to the mortgage (I have been paying 50% towards it) and as of next month, it doesn’t look like she can afford the mortgage payment on her ownAs part of our separation agreement, my ex is to refinance in her name, and I am to sign a Quit Claim on the deed handing the house over to her. That was our agreement we put together in mediation, but we didn’t think we’d run into these complications at the time. The divorce is not final yet.She is being told by our current lender she’d need to bring 15k to the table to refinance in her name (and lower the payment a few hundred dollars a month, which is what she needs to do to afford it). She likely can not do that.What are my options? I want to avoid foreclosure and destroying my credit, but she’d prefer to stay in the house with the kids and I’d prefer that too, if it’s possible and not at a detriment to me somehow. I don’t want to deal with rent it out, and I don’t want to deal with renovations and selling the house which would likely be at a loss.Can I just sell her the house for $1 or something? What’s the most painless way for me to just wash my hands of the house in a way she can also afford, transfer everything to my ex and walk away a free man?Thank you in advance!



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