Newsflash: Condo Structural Issues

Last week my offer was accepted on a condominium with a carport directly under the unit in question. On Friday, we did the home inspection. The inspector found that some of the columns in the carport were tilted (it appears they may have been hit by a car.)Once we got to the condo itself, I noticed a gap where an interior wall (hidden in a closet) meets the exterior wall above these columns. I pointed it out to the inspector. He checked the squareness of the wall and found it to be tilting with the columns below. He recommended having a structural engineer check it out.After getting the report that evening, I read the pertinent HOA pages and talked it over with our realtor. She agreed that the HOA is responsible for any structural related repairs. She took the issue to the sellers realtor and the HOA. They decided they would look into repairs if I pay to have a structural engineer inspect the property.As the buyer, should I be expected to pay for this service? The seller is in the HOA leadership and will obviously sway them to protect her interests. If I get the engineer to inspect the property, are they legally obligated to repair it in a timely manner if deemed necessary? I was questioning HOA’s in the first place and I’m definitely not thrilled so far.



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