Newsflash: Should I just bite the bullet and buy a house?

My wife and I live in Reno, NV. I am a fan of renting but she is not. I grew up in Reno and the current prices are just ridiculous. I sincerely feel we’re in a bubble and want to wait for it to deflate or burst. Here are some numbers.I am 45 and she is 37. I own a business and she is a county employee with pension and healthcare benefits. The house we would buy is currently around $400-440K. We plan on living her for the next 20+ years due to wife’s job.Income: Mine is $200K gross but can vary by $50K, up or down. Wife’s income is currently $88K per year and rising to $102k in the next 5 years.Savings: $140K saved for down payment and additional $30K saved for emergencies. Currently adding about $10K each month to down payment fund. I also have $80K in IRA and she has her pension.Debt: Student loan debt at $125K. Payments are $700/mo. Zero additional debt.Expenses: 3 cars, 2 paid for. On has a $430/mo payment. Rent is currently $1300. No kids. No major payments such as RV or boats.Credit Score: mine is 740, wife is 790My wish is to buy that $400K house for about $300K. I know this might not happen. Which is why I’m wondering if we should just buy now.Thanks in advance for your opinion.


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