Newsflash: [MA/NH] Thinking about selling and renting for a while. Some questions.

Some background:MA residentPurchased home in 2012 for 227k3.9% mortgage @ 194k left50k cash saved for next homeMy wife and I are very ready to move from our current house to our next home. Been in this house for >5 years, and bought at a very low point in the market for this area. Based on my current research of home sales in my area and speaking with a couple friends in real estate, I believe our home could sell for ~300k easily, possibly upwards of 315k. This could potentially give us somewhere between 100-120k extra cash on hand (before closing costs and agent fees) to use on our next home. Even 50k extra would be huge for us. We want something bigger as our family is growing, probably in the 400-500k price range, but nothing on the market has been attractive for us.We’ve started toying with the idea of building a new house instead. Many of the developments in this area have homes that we really like around 500k, some even lower priced in the Southern NH area (which is another regional option for us). I’m wondering if it would be a terrible idea to take advantage of the market conditions right now and sell our home, get into a lease for 6-12 months, and build a home during that time period. What sort of concerns/risks should we be thinking about with this? Anyone else been in this position before, or right now?



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