Newsflash: How many offers on average before getting accepted?

I’ve been looking for a house for probably 3 months now. For 2 months ID say we have been putting in offers on house pretty steadily. We have done 5 so far1st VA at asking beat by cash..supposedly..Ill get back to that2nd VA 10k over asking, we were close on this one..I’ve heard it was because it was a VA offer it was passed on….shitty but whatever I guess3rd VA at asking price got beat by more money4th conventional 3 percent down 10k over asking5th conventional 3 percent down 15k over asking..this offer was actually on the first house we put in an offer on and got passed over, by cash, but I have no idea how a cash offer fell through… We liked it bumped the money..even though they were asking 5k more than before. They said they would keep my offer as a backup incase the other one fell through..gee thanks…So obviously the process is becoming pretty frustrating, I’m missing out on other good house waiting for offers to be rejected, but it’s also starting to feel like it doesn’t matter anyway because those will just get rejected too.So I feel like I’m out of options and the process is not even enjoyable anymore..I don’t even feel like looking at houses at this the TL;DR here how many offers does the average buyer submit before they get one accepted?At this point do I need to start looking at making changes..even though I don’t even know what I could change.



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