Newsflash: [CA] Advice Needed on Dealing with Seller on Purchase of Property

I’m currently living in NY and working to purchase a property in Southern California which I came upon while I was visiting. I recently opened escrow and am working on getting all contingencies removed within the contracted period. My real estate agent in California is assisting me in carrying out the formal Home Inspection but I’m trying to fly out over the coming weekend to walk through it once myself to make notes of anything that catches my eye prior to removing all contingencies. Have to perform my due diligence after all!Herein lies the problem. The current owner is renting out his property through AirBnB and claims that he cannot have me disturbing guests. Fair enough, I looked at the home’s current availability and did see that within my contingency period, they already have the home booked for rentals. They do have about a week period where it is open and currently not booked through the website.So I’ve been able to schedule all inspections within a day which my realtor will manage but when I’m asking the owner to lock down 2 more days this coming weekend (which is currently open per AirBnB) for me to walk through the home myself, as I’m making the trip out from NY to CA just to make sure I am ok with removing contingencies, I keep getting pushback from the owners and listing agent stating that this is a disruption to the owners as locking down the property is a loss of income and they cannot guarantee this. If the house is not rented when I arrive, they will provide access but if there happens to be bookings that come up between now and the weekend, they will deny me access to the property even though I made the trip.Now, per contract, I would assume that given reasonable notice, that I should be able to view the home to carry out whatever inspections need to be performed. I have given the owner 1 week notice, as soon as escrow opened, of my intentions to visit and requested that the home be made available for this purpose.And so I ask, as a buyer, what are my choices and legal rights? Am I being unreasonable in my ask in requesting 3 days in a 17 day contingency period (which is truly only 10 if you factor in all days he has it rented) to carry out any inspection? Or does the seller have the right to refuse me this service? Is legal recourse recommended in this instance?Thoughts and input would be appreciated :)Edit: Not seeking legal advice but moreso if folks believe it is warranted in this situation or if I just need to bite the bullet and let it be



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