Newsflash: Underground oil tanks and soil contamination

This is for a home in NJ. The sellers told us, to their knowledge there’s no underground oil tank, and they don’t have any paperwork and that the city didn’t have papers for its removal either (perhaps they are lying or it was done without a permit previously)Inspection happened yesterday and he told me there weren’t visible signs of an underground oil tank (specific closed off pipes or wires in basement), but it’s very very likely the house should have had one at one point based on its age.I have a company coming tomorrow to do an oil tank sweep to confirm if there’s one underground. My question is, if there actually is no underground oil tank, can I have the sellers pay for soil testing for the state to give the approval (NFA notice)? I want to be sure that there’s no tank AND the surround soil is not contaminated, but I don’t want to pay for soil testing.Edit- I also requested from the town to pull all permits for the home. I’d like to see myself if there’s anything related to an oil tank removal. I should have this within 7 days. And it’s day 1 of 14 I have to do any and all inspections.



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