Newsflash: Agent etiquette question

I’m currently viewing rural properties with an agent who is also somewhat in my social circle – think acquaintance rather than friend. I chose her because she specializes in country properties, and so far it’s going well. This purchase would be a second home as I also own a home in the city.However, lately I’ve been considering downsizing my primary residence as well. It’s a large house on a corner lot and its a lot of upkeep. I live in a hot market and my house has appreciated considerably as I’ve continued to build equity. I could easily swap it out for a nice condo that I would own outright.The thing is, I don’t want my current agent to handle the sale. Although a big chunk of her business is as buyers agent for rural properties, she also occasionally lists houses in town and I know she would jump at the chance to list mine. But I would rather use a different agent who has handled several sales in the neighborhood and is very familiar with my part of town. Is this considered a major diss in agent land? Or simply par for the course? I want to know what to expect and if I need to handle things a certain way.Thanks for any insights you have to offer!



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