Newsflash: Seller refusing to pay closing costs(included in contract) 2 days before closing date. Wants me to pay instead. (Texas)

We were planning to close on our first home 2 days from now. Everything was on track, the loan is ready, the closing date and time appointment is set. The seller just informed us that they don’t want to contribute $3500 to the closing costs which were part of the offer and and put in the contract that he has signed. They say they were under the wrong impression about who was supposed to pay. He claims he “thought” it was my agent’s contribution.At this point what options do I have? I don’t want to get screwed by this unethical behavior and I don’t mind if we don’t close. What happens if we end up not closing? Can the seller be penalized for going back on contract? Will i have to pay the mortgage company some of the costs of the loan even though its the seller thats gone back on the contract?



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