Newsflash: What are some ways to track down the owner of an abandoned lot?

Long story short, their is an abandoned lot across from mine and I want to buy it.I combed the public records using pieced together information and found the owner which allowed me to search the other records and I got the tax record for the property which had an address on it. I called the number I found some where else but it is disconnected. So I sent a letter. So far no call or any other type of response.I need to prepare for the possibility this guy is unreachable. Explaining the abandoned lot. The lot has a trailer on it with stuff inside. (Boxes in the window.) And the porch light has been on since 2015 when I bought mine. No one has come to or from that lot since. Trees are growing through the chaing on the fence. All signs point to being abandoned around 2009.The records show a mortgage. Well it looks like a transfer of a mortgage. It is worded in a confusing manner. is, there was and still may be a mortgage. I was thinking of calling the mortgage company and seeing if they had any information. But I doubt they give it to me if they do.What are some steps in tracking down the owner? Maybe the post office has a forwarding address.



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