Newsflash: [KY] First house, inspection issues, repair request negotiation

Hey everyone, hoping for some insight here. I am buying my first house, and like many places, the market is absolutely insane here. I found a decent house in a decent area and managed to get it for 2k over asking (182k if anyone is wondering, fair amount of crime and redneckery in area, but not awful)Built in 72, the inspection was pretty rough. AC, water heater, and furnace all need service and work. large crack in wall in basement, inspector suggested waterproofing. Driveway is all cracked up and part leans in about an inch to the house, could cause leaks with heavy rain, has been sealed previously. Nice detached 2.5 car garage with car port, the garage roof is entirely shot due to hail damage. tree branches and clogged gutters on roof of house. Plumbing drains slow and there is a leak and galvanized piping that won’t last long. Also has termites in house and garage. There are also plenty of cosmetic issues (bulbs out, weather stripping missing, no deadbolt on garage, etc, etc) that I did not request repairs on.The seller is willing to fix water heater, ac, and furnace, plumbing issues, and termites. Counter offer completely ignored garage roof and any issues with house roof (house roof is 1 year old) and outright refused driveway and basement issues as “crack in basement wall has never changed or leaked” and “seller sealed driveway upon purchase and has not had issues”So based on their counter offer I am looking at definite garage roof replacement, possible driveway work and/or replacement, and I am not sure what to think of the cracks in the wall in the basement. Also looking at replacing a fair bit of galvanized piping sooner than later.What should I do? This market is so insane and it is killing me constantly searching and going in to bidding wars. The house is decent and I like it, but I am just afraid it is an old piece of crap that will be a money pit, but not sure if inspector is just nit picking. He did say it was a nice house and would be okay with his daughter buying it.I appreciate any and all advice and thanks for reading.



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