Newsflash: First time home buyers denied – too much income? [US,OK]

Hey /r/RealEstate,Six months ago or more, my brother and his wife began construction on a new house. It’s small, nothing extravagant. Most Redditors would probably see it as a “cute little closet”. They’re definitely building something modest – 1,500 sq ft maybe?They’re about two weeks from completion now and tonight they were told the 5k credit for first time homebuyers was an absolute no-go.I would guess their combined income is 55k. It’s insane to me that this is “too much money” because we all live pretty modestly.Again, this income is just a guess but probably pretty accurate.Is there anything they can do to turn this around? Is this even accurate? Legal? It’s really shitty they pulled this at the last minute.Any organizations or lenders or anything they can check out?I’d consider turning to crime to help them and I’m only 8% kidding.Neither of them Reddit but I’ll get more details if I can.Thanks for reading.



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