Newsflash: Question about offering low on an overpriced house.

We are in central Mass. and this town in particular isn’t quite as hot as others that we have been looking in. My wife and I recently looked at a house that we like but feel the asking price is very high for the neighborhood. The house we looked at has 3 bedrooms and is asking 430k. We first noticed the neighborhood when we did a driveby of a slightly larger 4 bedroom house on the same street that also had an above ground pool. This house was asking 415 and they dropped to 400 before it changed to pending right around the time we were thinking to go see it.A couple weeks ago the 3 bedroom house was listed and we looked at it but felt it was overpriced. A few days later a house directly across the street was listed at 415 which is also a 4 bedroom model with an inground pool and playset for the kids. Only thing the more expensive house has over it is central air. Just yesterday, the developer listed 4 additional lots on the street with the new homes being 4 bedrooms and bigger than the one we have seen and a base price of 380 or 390.I know the house we looked at has some upgrades, but not enough to account for that much of a price difference over bigger houses. We are thinking about making an offer, maybe in the 390-400 range based on other homes on the same street. I figure that we have nothing to lose in trying and hopefully they will come down to a more reasonable price. If we make an offer this much lower than asking price should we include something justifying our offer? Or should we just submit the offer and see what we get for a reply?



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