Newsflash: Property management question

I’m trying to figure out if I should A) get a new property manager, B) try to negotiate with my current one, or C) just leave it all alone.backstory: I bought the house in 2012 knowing I would live there ~3 years then move and rent it out. It was my first venture into real estate, so I admittedly did no research into PM at the time. The realtor that helped me buy also does PM and I had been happy with all services to date. So I just defaulted to using the same agency to manage the property.Now, 2 years later, I have no major issues with the PM, except that I was doing research for another property and realized there are a high number of PM that charge (non trivially) less for the same services.My current contract is up in August, so I figure now is the time to figure things out. Do I just switch PM outright, and pay up to 40% less each month… do I ask the current PM of they will negotiate down… or do I just stick it out since I really haven’t had any problems in 2 years?The property is in Jacksonville, FL. I live in VA (soon to be CA).numbers: Current rent: 1600 Current fee: 10% (160/mo) Competitor fee: $89/mo flat fee; others advertise 8% (128/mo)


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