Newsflash: Our place is undergoing a re-roof. Our Landlord gave us a 3 hour notice before the roofer showed up. He then started the next day at 7:30 AM. Shouldn’t we have gotten A LOT more notice? [Montana – 1 story, 3 bedroom house]

What I mean by “3 hours before he showed up” is the roofer showed up the same morning that we received our first notice of this, and he left his big trash bin in the driveway and some of his supplies for the next day. My roommate thinks it was such short notice because the roofer’s schedule freed up suddenly. In any case, he is more pissed than I am, as he works nights and early morning to afternoon is when he gets his sleep. He could have stayed at a friend’s house or asked his work for some leeway if he had known more than 3 hours before the guys showed up. As everyone probably knows that has been in a house while the roof is being redone, it’s very fucking loud! I’ve worked in construction myself, but only commercial re-roofs where the tenants had at least 2 months notice, and those tenants were still pissed at the noise. At least the ones whose business revolved around relaxation.I digress. Landlords and lawyers, is there anything we can do in this situation besides suffer the loud noises during the day? Well it wouldn’t be that bad if we had known about it.



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